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Best Benefit Ever: Auto Association Fosters Data Sharing

Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail aims to save members time and money with a new data-driven tool.

What is it? As its name suggests, Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail has long helped its members make the most of their data, largely through the establishment of yearly standards and extensive guides. Now, STAR is offering members a new benefit: free access to the tool XDesign. Thanks to a partnership with Motive Retail, XDesign gives members a way to make the most of the numerous complicated Business Object Documents (BOD) STAR provides to members to facilitate data sharing between automakers, retailers, and vendors.

Why it works: As Motive Retail says in its announcement of the benefit: “The sheer size of many of the STAR BODs has made it difficult for members to articulate the unique data requirements of their implementation to the third-parties with whom they will be integrating – the schemas can be unwieldy.” Instead of individual members trying to find their own implementation solutions, XDesign gives them a means to fine-tune their implementation requirements, drastically cutting down on the time needed to make the most of STAR BODs. And members who decide to tackle the XDesign tool can receive training from Motive Retail to make onboarding even easier.

Other benefits: STAR members don’t just reap the benefits of the organization’s standards and IT guidance; they can also have a voice in each year’s new set of standards. Through a submission and voting process, each member can insert their own perspective into the pressing conversations surrounding the auto industry’s IT challenges.


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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