Wednesday Buzz: Take Your Event’s Highlights Online

How bringing conference content online can further engage attendees. Plus: Facebook Live's quickly growing popularity.

Spring is in the air and conference season is well underway—and there are a ton of events worth checking out.

The many avenues of engagement are a conference’s greatest strength, but they can also be a weakness. More often than not, even the most avid attendee will be forced to choose between multiple sessions, sacrificing one experience for another.

Fortunately, online access helps make this common plight a little less of a problem, Tracy Grzybowski explains on Omnipress’ Big Ideas Blog.

Creating an online library of content is a great way to get deeper engagement from attendees. Members can leverage this resource not only to make more rewarding contributions during an event but also reference information long after the event has passed.

Online libraries are also a great way to bring in new members, according to Grzybowski.

“Thanks to the power of search engines, your content is visible to a wider audience of prospective members while remaining protected and accessible just to attendees,” she writes.

And with the use of mobile devices continuing to rise, creating a conference app is a great way to let attendees plan the most rewarding experience themselves. But it’s important to remember that, unlike a website, apps usually don’t last beyond the show itself.

If your association is uneasy with programming or doesn’t have the funds to outsource, consider offering session information on a USB drive or a similar device. Keep in mind that, while this method has more shelf life than an app, the information can’t be updated.

No matter what method you choose, going digital is a great strategy for ensuring that attendees get the most out of your tradeshow this spring.

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