Wednesday Buzz: Sensing a Business Travel Slowdown

Major travel-tech firms warn that business travel in the U.S. could hit a slump in the coming months. Also: The inside story behind one association's fresh rebranding.

In the U.S., the state of business travel is looking a little soft.

At least that’s the sentiment of a number of travel-technology providers, who warn that consumers are focusing more on deals than they have in the recent past.

“We see more of a softness on the business travel side,” Sabre CEO Tom Klein recently said of a decline in his company’s earnings, according to Skift. “And I think there’s been softness in segment-specific areas. You certainly have seen now a multi-year softness in the energy sector where I would say the trips went away, not looking for cheaper fares.”

While some sectors have felt the impact more direct than others, the issues appear to be growing more widespread, the Skift report suggests. The banking and energy sectors tend to be more sensitive to the cost concerns than other sectors are, but with Brexit and the recent European terror attacks, there are concerns that more people will decide to stay home.

“You know what’s going on in the world, there are a lot of uncertainties,” explained Luis Maroto, president and CEO of Amadeus IT Group. “There is some uncertainty going around… the uncertainty is making us a little bit more cautious.”

Behind a Rebrand

Associations North’s minty-fresh new name, announced in May, was a bold branding choice that moved away from the traditional branding style of a society for association executives. How’d did the former Midwest Society of Association Executives decide on it?

In an interview with Association Adviser, the group’s marketing and communications manager, Angela Kisskeys, broke down the overarching strategy.

“Associations North has a great story to tell, but our logo and brand identity didn’t speak to our audience,” she explained in the interview. “With the rebrand, we have the opportunity to tell our story and share it with a new look and feel that reflects our true brand.”

Check out the article for more—including shots of some of the interesting swag the association used to introduce the name to its members. (Breath mints? Check!)

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