Friday Buzz: Understanding Facebook’s Algorithm

What every marketer needs to know about how their posts show up in people's news feeds. Also: how to start coming up with great ideas again.

Facebook is such an important communication channel for associations. But getting your content to show up in people’s news feeds can be difficult. You can try all different types of post formats and content types and still be totally in the dark on why one post does well and why another goes nowhere.

The Buffer blog attempts to shed some light on the mysteries of the Facebook algorithm.

To understand Facebook, you first have to understand the values of the news feed. Facebook prioritizes posts from friends and family, prefers authentic stories over sensationalized content, and welcomes all different ideas. Also, keep in mind that Facebook is constantly optimizing the news feed based on user feedback.

The Facebook algorithm also prefers posts that have received likes, shares, and comments, along with link posts, uploaded videos with a lot of views, and posts on trending topics.

Recent changes to the Facebook algorithm resulted in posts with links that load slowly and posts with clickbait headlines now ranking lower in news feeds.

New Office Ideas

Even the best of us get stuck in a professional rut. And it can be particularly frustrating when you’re just not generating ideas like you used to.

“The first thing you should do to generate better ideas is to try and escape your office,” writes Bill Zimmer in a recent post for 360 Live Media. “Change your environment, go to a quiet place, and completely unplug.”

If leaving the office isn’t an option, there are still a few things you can do, including blocking out time in your calendar for thinking time, signing out of email, and using noise-canceling headphones to quiet your office environment.

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