Membership Hack: Showcase Members’ Talents

To drive deeper engagement and a sense of community, the National Art Education Association exhibits members’ creative talents both in person and remotely.

How to hack it? The National Art Education Association is made up of art educators and researchers at all levels. It seems only natural to show off the diverse creative talent of the member community by exhibiting their artwork, says NAEA Executive Director Deborah Reeve.

Last month, NAEA launched a virtual art gallery featuring 422 works created by members. From those submissions, a jury selected 65 pieces for an in-person exhibition at the association’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. Here’s what it looks like.

Why does it work? A top goal for NAEA is to be “by and for members,” Reeve says. The exhibit is one way to bring the community closer together. “It gives us insight to our member’s process, thinking, awareness, and exploration through the development of art,” she says. “It also helps to strengthen our community and member engagement goals.”

What’s the bonus? On Tuesday, November 14, NAEA will livestream the opening reception for its 2017 exhibit. This is the first time ever that the art show will be livestreamed to an online audience, which adds to the engagement value, Reeve says. NAEA will use Facebook Live to broadcast the reception, which features artists from 29 states and two countries.

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Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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