Renewable Fuels Association Preps for an “American Chopper” Close-Up

The organization is teaming with the motorcycle customizer Paul Jr. Designs on a chopper to be featured on the Discovery Channel later this year. The partnership is part of the association's work to spread the message that ethanol blends are a viable alternative to traditional gasoline in motorcycles.

The Renewable Fuels Association isn’t afraid of offbeat partnerships or unusual campaigns to draw attention to its industry focus, ethanol.

Its latest partnership, however, is a standout even for RFA. The association recently announced a plan to team up with the custom motorcycle company Paul Jr. Designs to create a themed motorcycle that runs on ethanol. The design firm will show off the new bike on American Chopper, the popular Discovery Channel series, this spring.

According to Robert White, RFA’s vice president of industry relations, the goal of the campaign is to press the message that ethanol-blend gasoline can be used effectively in motorcycles.

“Partnering with Paul Jr. Designs allowed us to create a unique tool to further carry our message and ensure that the quality of the design and build is unmatchable,” White said in a news release. “Combined with the global brand and broadcast power of American Chopper, our message will be loud and clear. We are extremely pleased to be working with Paul and his team at Paul Jr. Designs and look forward to years of using this motorcycle.”

The American Motorcyclist Association strongly opposes Environmental Protection Agency standards requiring greater ethanol levels in gasoline, saying that higher-ethanol blends may cause damage to the bikes’ engines and fuel systems.

“Forcing more ethanol into the nation’s fuel supply places motorcyclists at greater risk of misfueling their bikes,” AMA Vice President for Government Relations Wayne Allard said in a statement after EPA announced the 2018 renewable fuel requirements last year.

RFA said that so-called E10 fuel, which includes 10 percent ethanol, is “a safe and cost-saving alternative to straight gasoline” and that “every motorcycle manufacturer endorses the use of E10, while some approve the use of even higher blends.”

Soon enough, RFA will help make its case on American Chopper. The custom bike will appear on the program on May 27.

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