Daily Buzz: Google Analytics Spreads to Images

The latest update on Google Analytics will include specific data on Google Images. Also: how to avoid awkwardness when meeting people.

Google Analytics is a critical tool for tracking engagement with your online content, but reporting on images has been scant. Now, Google is making it easier to track those statistics in an upcoming Analytics update.

“The ability to segment audiences based on Google Images versus overall Google Search can help you determine which pieces of content are most valuable, allow you to create audiences specific to image search, and use those audiences across the Google Marketing Platform,” says Krista Seiden on the Google blog.

Previously, all Google Image search results were grouped together under “google/organic” in Google Analytics Acquisition reports. Now, Google Images is changing the referral source URL so that there will be a new source line item. It will display as “google images” in the Source report and “google images/organic” in the Source/Medium report, says Seiden.

These insights will be available within regular analytics. The data may help you get a better feel for where to allocate your marketing budget.

Meeting People for the First—or Second—Time

“Have we met?” Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of that question, the moment can be awkward. But when you attend a lot of meetings, you meet a lot of people—and sometimes you forget them.

Instead of pretending to know the people you’ve forgotten, meetings designer and facilitator Adrian Segar suggests reframing the conversation to avoid embarrassment on both sides.

For example, rather than “Nice to meet you!” say, “Nice to see you!” This small change removes any presumption that you and your counterpart might have already met. And if that strategy fails, well, there’s nothing wrong with being honest.

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