Talking Tech: Smart Content Curation

Artificial intelligence is no longer a technology of the future. As Amith Nagarajan, executive chairman of, explains, AI can be used now to create personalized member experiences, particularly with content.

Explain how associations can use artificial intelligence. AI has become a tangible technology that associations can use to reinvigorate relationships with members. As an example, organizations can use AI to send auto-curated emails. The technology helps to compile daily news content unique to individual members. Associations can also leverage AI to make intelligent connections among members. Imagine a world where members regularly turn to their associations to find the next person who can help in their learning journey or career.

Why does AI work for content management? Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a type of AI, and it has advanced tremendously in the last few years. It can be used to figure out what any given piece of content is about with human-like accuracy. That technology can be leveraged for content management systems. For example, associations can turn newsletter development from a manual process into an automated email delivery system. NLP technology can also make search functions on websites far more effective and can power new interactions with members through online tools such as chatbots.

Are there any early signs that AI is working for associations? When associations use AI to personalize content, we see open rates of 40 percent or more. Furthermore, when you are looking at segments of a community that have interacted with AI-curated content, we see open rates as high as 60 percent and click-through rates as high as 25 percent. Ultimately, AI can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships, which benefits everyone.

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