Daily Buzz: Boost Your Instagram Reach

Instagram offers a unique opportunity to reach new people. Curating your posts can grow your following and spread your mission. Also: creating energizing meetings.

It’s no secret that Instagram is a social media powerhouse: The platform has 1 billion users, with more than 500 million logging on each day, according to research from Hootsuite.

For nonprofits, Instagram houses the opportunity to reach new and diverse audiences, enlightening them of your message and—hopefully—recruiting them to get involved. But to get from Point A (finding your organization on Instagram) to Point B (turning a follower into a member), you have to curate posts appropriately.

“A lot of social media posts can be very superficial, especially on a visual social network like Instagram,” says Lilach Bullock in a post on the GuideStar blog. “However, it’s not all about beauty and appearances: people are often genuinely interested to grow their knowledge and learn something new.”

Other than posts that educate users, Bullock says posts that uplift, inspire, or are crowdsourced from other followers that share the same mission can also draw in new people.

“Sharing people’s posts on your own Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more engagement, but it can be a great way to raise awareness of your nonprofit and encourage your followers to continue spreading the word,” she says.

What a Great Meeting Looks Like

“Meetings are the original collaborative productivity tool,” says Marcela Sapone in a post for Forbes. But research shows that they aren’t used that way—not anymore. About 71 percent of workers say meetings are unproductive and inefficient, with 65 percent saying that meetings keep them from completing their work, according to a study published in Harvard Business Review.

To return them to their productive state, Sapone says you have to create meetings that energize people. “Great meetings look and feel like the best part of work. They are a mix of ritual check-in and spontaneous collaboration, with everyone in the same room, often working at the same table,” she says. “It’s talking things out, sketching on paper, huddling together around a laptop, or writing on whiteboards and walls.”

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