Meetings Memo: Epic Swag

A conference T-shirt creates buzz that lasts for the American Mead Makers Association.

The American Mead Makers Association was looking for a way to inject more fun into its 2018 MeadCon conference.

While attendance at the annual event has been increasing as the honey-fermented alcoholic beverage grows in popularity, AMMA was looking for a way to increase engagement among its members and attendees.

They decided a conference T-shirt could be the perfect fit. But to up the ante, instead of AMMA producing the shirt, they decided to ask members to submit designs. “Many of you are amazing artists, we see it in your labels,” AMMA wrote in a Facebook post announcing the contest.

After reviewing submissions, the AMMA staff chose member Cassandra Gore’s “Comb Together” design, which highlighted the work members do in a fun way.

Gore’s winning design earned her a free year of membership, a ticket to MeadCon, and admission to the conference’s networking event and mead tasting.

But she wasn’t the only winner. Post-conference, AMMA still sells the shirt on its website as way to generate buzz moving forward.

Samantha Whitehorne

By Samantha Whitehorne

Samantha Whitehorne is editor-in-chief of Associations Now. MORE

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