Daily Buzz: How One Association Is Re-Creating History

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the Professional Photographers of America will re-create iconic imagery from its inaugural year. Also: how Google might be affecting organic searches.

Talk about a throwback. In celebration of the Professional Photographers of America’s 150th anniversary, its Massachusetts chapter will reconvene this Sunday to re-create the group’s historic first photograph from 1869.

Taken at the Boston Public Garden footbridge, the iconic image marked the first convention of photographers in the region, a five-day conference by the National Photographic Association. The meeting, which was held at the Horticultural Society of Boston, ended with all participants gathering for the photo at the footbridge.

Now, the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts will create a 21st-century version of the photograph.

“The 1869 photograph is a historic image, and this new one could well sit next to the original for another 150 years,” PPAM President Melvin Guante said in a press release.

Google Search Status

Trying to reach potential members through Google? Research from marketing analytics firm Jumpshot showed that zero-click searches on Google are rising, with about 49 percent of searches ending in no clicks in the first quarter of 2019. That’s an increase of 12 percent from 2016.

The data also showed that about 41 percent of Google searches resulted in clicks to non-Google sites and about 6 percent to Google-owned websites.

“If you’re in a field Google has decided to enter, like travel, hotels, flights, lyrics, etc., the search giant is almost certainly cannibalizing your market and removing a ton of opportunity,” said SEO expert Rand Fishkin in an interview with Search Engine Land.

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