Daily Buzz: The Right Remote Computing Setup for You

The proper configuration of your workstation can improve productivity. Also: A quality digital marketing campaign starts with good data and information.

If your work-from-home setup is just a laptop on a kitchen table, you might want to think about upgrading your hardware. There are other ways to set up your space that will make you more productive, says Ed Bott in ZDNet.

From a hardware perspective, take care of the components you interact with the most, Bott suggests.

“Instead of a compact laptop display, give yourself the benefit of a big-screen monitor or even a dual-display configuration. Add a full-sized keyboard, a mouse, and a wired network connection, and you’ve got everything you need to maximize your productivity,” he says.

To create the ultimate workstation, Bott presents several options to choose from. If you don’t mind a lot of cables, you can take a cheaper DIY approach.

“In this scenario, you start with the notebook your IT department gave you and then add whatever hardware you can beg, borrow, or scrounge to make your work environment more pleasant,” he says. That hardware can include a wired keyboard, mouse, HDMI cables, and an ethernet adapter.

If you want a more streamlined approach, Bott recommends a dedicated docking station that powers your laptop, drives one or more displays, connects to a wired network, and allows you to keep USB devices attached.

“Plug in a single connector, and you’re ready to get to work,” he says.

Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Putting together a successful digital marketing strategy is a multistep process. Before crafting your plan, you need a solid foundation of data and anecdotal information to build from, suggests Chris Bonney on the Gulo Solutions blog.

“The first step is to have an orientation meeting with your team and do a full review of your existing digital marketing campaigns, including a web traffic audit, SEO audit, website audit, social media marketing audit, and email marketing audit,” he says.

From there, Bonney says you can take what you learned so far and determine how to effectively reach your audience in a creative, strategic way.

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A USB-C hub could help keep you plugged in at home. (pavel_balanenko/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

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