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Resources Roundup: Meetings

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These resources from ASAE are sure to help you successfully plan and execute events in the current environment.

Books and Research

Learn about larger trends affecting the meetings space and how your event revenue and expenses compare to others

ASAE ForesightWorks

ASAE’s future-focused environmental-scanning research initiative identifies 50 drivers of change important to associations. Each is described in an action brief that examines its implications and offers ideas for steps associations can take to respond to the trend. The drivers most pertinent to the meetings space include:

  • Hybrid Meetings. This newly updated action brief looks at the ways leaders can capitalize on the lessons learned about virtual and hybrid events during the pandemic.
  • Rejection of Expertise. This action brief, updated for 2021, looks at challenges to traditional understanding of expertise and highlights ways for association leaders to reinforce the expertise of their field.
  • A World Reshaped by COVID. This new action brief provides insights and strategies for navigating the uncertainty and pandemic-related shifts that will last through the early 2020s.

Association Operating Ratio Report, 16th Edition (2021)

The report provides the revenue, expense, and balance-sheet data associations need to evaluate and plan financial activities, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations on the allocation of resources, including in their meetings and education operations.

Benchmarking in Association Management, Policies and Procedures, Vol. 1 (2018)

Compare your association’s practices against others of similar size and type. This resource focuses on key considerations in eight functional areas of association management, including meetings. The data, collected from responses to the ASAE Research Foundation’s Benchmarking in Association Management surveys, gives you a firsthand look at what other organizations are doing in those areas.

Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations, 10th Anniversary Edition (2021)

By Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers, CAE

One of ASAE’s bestselling books has been updated for a pandemic-altered world. Consider it a guidebook for the changes associations need to make to remain relevant, including product, program, and service evaluation.

Learning Opportunities

Professional development suited for all meeting pros

Business of Meetings Certificate Program

In a series of six virtual courses covering key topics in meetings management, participants will identify critical issues and trends affecting the meetings industry, develop essential business skills, explore exciting innovations, and discover time-saving processes and strategies that they can use immediately. Participants who complete all six courses will receive the Business of Meetings certificate.

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