The Return to
In-Person Meetings November 10, 2021
The pandemic upended a primary source of both member engagement and nondues revenue for associations: in-person meetings. But as organizations revive their face-to-face offerings, they’re doing it smarter—by applying the lessons they’ve learned since March 2020.
Face-to-Face Essentials
An Action Plan for Reconvening in Person
As associations start bringing back in-person events, many are rethinking how they get people to attend. For many organizations, this means focusing on engagement and understanding what members want.
Build an Onsite Health and Safety Strategy
Since the pandemic began, health and safety protocols have changed as virus data shifted. Here’s a look at the staples you need to assist in keeping your in-person events safe.
The New Meetings Mindset: Put the Participant First
During a prolonged period of change, something had to give. Life and work have been reshaped and transformed, and that means people want different things. In planning future meetings, it’s time for associations to put the participant first and let the event follow.
Best of Both Worlds
How to Keep Your Hybrid Audience Coming Back for More
Hybrid meetings have allowed associations to reach new audiences, attracting people who might never have attended without a virtual option. Smart organizations will take steps to bring them back to the next event, maybe even in person.
Take Networking Up a Notch
A little structure, facilitation, and audience participation can take networking out of its sometimes awkward, stilted past into a reimagined, reinvigorated future, whether your meeting is in person or virtual.
Business Smarts
Engage Your Industry Partners for Better Events
With partners sometimes feeling underwhelmed by sponsorship opportunities at events reshaped by the pandemic, now’s the time for associations to rethink their strategy. Success will require talking to industry partners about their needs, getting smarter about virtual, and experimenting with new offerings.
New Meetings Contracts for a New Era
After associations experienced costly event-cancellation penalties due to the pandemic, many are looking at their meeting contracts differently and incorporating new provisions when possible.
Resources Roundup: Meetings
These resources from ASAE are sure to help you successfully plan and execute events in the current environment.