Social Media Roundup: Event Pros Should Get With Vine

Social Media Roundup: Event Pros Should Get With Vine

The Twitter-created video-sharing app offers numerous opportunities for meeting planners. Also: Why attendees are asking for more learning opportunities during tradeshows.

Short videos that are easy to create, edit, publish, and share in a matter of minutes? It’s time to put the right side of the brain to work.

The growth of the video-sharing app Vine, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:


Have you been playing around with Vine? Since the January release of Twitter’s short-form video app, brands and celebrities have been getting creative with brief videos, and, even though the video-sharing app hasn’t become as mainstream as other social networks such as Instagram, many in the communications industry recognize the potential behind Vine. (That whole mainstream thing is changing, as it turns out: Today, it became the most popular free app in the iOS App Store.) Bottom line: Experiment with it. “Go out there and get creative with it. Explore and find others who have found exciting ways to get the most fun and function out of their Vines,” recommends Brandon Smith, event manager at Endless Entertainment. (ht @helloendless)

Beyond The Textbooks

Simply put, attendees want education. According to a Center for Exhibition Industry Research study, tradeshows are doing a good job at offering educational options during conferences, but there’s a good lesson to take from this: Most conferences are partly shopping and partly learning, but the report shows attendees wanted more learning experiences at conferences. “Offering more learning experiences on the show floor not directly tied to specific products and services is one clear way to meet attendees’ needs. Learning lounges, learning quarters, app arcades, BYOD sessions, and more are some of the ways some organizers are meeting their attendees’ needs,” Jeff Hurt of Velvet Chainsaw recommends. How do you ensure your attendees are getting the educational opportunities they want at your tradeshow? (ht @TriumphExpo)

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