Social Media Roundup: Why Google+ Really Matters To You

Deconstructing the myths on Google+, the social network that can’t seem to catch a break. Plus: How to expand your marketing skill set.

Deconstructing the myths on Google+, the social network that can’t seem to catch a break. Plus: how to expand your marketing skill set.

To be frank, many organizations are still puzzled by Google+ and unsure whether they should even bother to have a presence on the social network.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t become familiar with what it can do—especially considering the many long-term benefits it could provide.

More details in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Creating A Power [Google+] Circle

Where search meets social: When a new social network pops up, social media managers need to decide if their organization should be there based on whether they think their audience will tag along. With Google+, associations have been slow to create accounts and profiles due to a few common misconceptions about the network. On Naylor’s Association Adviser, Digital strategist B.L. Ochman discusses five popular myths about the second-largest social network—and why your association’s presence there is so important. One plus: Any content your association posts on Google+ will come up higher in search results, which is obviously a big deal when trying to spread a message. Another big Google+ strength is integration—it incorporates the Google products your association already uses (Docs, Wallet, Gmail, etc.) to make interactions a bit easier. Through Google+ communities, your association can easily join and moderate groups that are related to your mission, while also keeping abreast of current topics and issues. These and other benefits should be more than enough reason for your members to +1 you in the near future. (ht @JeffHurt)

On Your Market(ing)

Back to basics: While working in the multifaceted world of marketing for some time, a marketing pro is bound to acquire a wealth of new skills. Marketing know-how—from collecting and connecting data on members to better understand their behavior to knowing the difference between an association’s benefits and its features—can be effectively applied at any nonprofit by marketers willing to hone their skills. Avectra blogger Deidre Reid shares 11 essential topics that nonprofit marketers should focus on to expand their skill set. One key concept is personalization. “Your members have different specialties, positions, career levels, ages, interests, lifestyles, and participation records,” she says. “Don’t treat them all the same. Segment your distribution lists and target your messaging so you’re only sending relevant information to each segment.” (ht @@avectra)

What fundamental marketing skills have you picked up over the years? Share in the comments below.

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