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Conference Circuit: A Fresh Helping for Produce Professionals

An association representing groups from all parts of the fresh-produce food chain holds its annual harvest. Plus: A pragmatic meeting that might not be what you'd expect.

Before heading to the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo, taking place October 17-19 in Anaheim, California, attendees can get a taste of who’s going to be there.

That’s because PMA offers a breakdown of attendees on its conference website. It provides attendees and those still on the fence a handy list to determine whether their field of expertise will be well-represented during the conference.


And for those first-time attendees, PMA has a detailed list of tips and highlights, which branches off further into specific communities, from Science and Technology to Global Connections and so on.

The depth of the conference pages speaks to PMA’s fulfillment of its mission, which is “to attract, develop and retain talent for the global produce and floral industry.” What better way to attract attendees than with relevant, well-presented information?

The Week Ahead

October 17-19: The second Conference of the American Pragmatics Association will be held at UCLA this year. But they’re not gathering for the sort of pragmatic discussion you’d assume. Instead, the association deals with the linguistic field of pragmatics, which revolves around understanding how the knowledge between speakers, as well as the context surrounding their exchange, impacts the transmission of meaning.

October 18-23: Want your weather reports to better warn you about impending hazardous events? The National Weather Association is on it, focusing this year’s conference on “optimizing communication and response” to dangerous weather events. NWA will┬ábe meeting in Salt Lake City.

October 19-21: The American Bankers Association will be taking time from its annual conference in Dallas to hold a Community Development Tour, which will “highlight the contributions of banks of various asset sizes towards affordable housing and other community facilities that provide essential services to residents.”

Down the Line

November 5-8: The American Folklore Society will be sharing its story, along with the stories of its members, during its annual meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The theme of the meeting is Folklore at the Crossroads, which speaks not just to the role of folklore in the 21st century but also to the theme of being at a crossroads in previous works of folklore.


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By Morgan Little

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