Monday Buzz: What It Takes to Become an Event Planner

An event management expert offers her wisdom to the next generation of planners. Plus: Is it time to mourn the death of web design?

As the recent surge of new college graduates knows all too well, getting established within an industry can be a daunting endeavor. What steps can you take during and after your education to ensure that you find a place within your dream profession? How do you get a leg up on the competition? Where are resources to give you the edge you need?

To aid prospective event planners in need of a helping hand, event management pro Kelli White has written “8 Insider Tips for Event Management Students.”

One of her central tips is to broaden your horizons and stretch beyond your professional comfort zone.

“For example, I was very interested in event planning within the sports industry. I interned and volunteered with a variety of sports organizations, gained some value skills and built an impressive resume,” White writes. “However, I didn’t leave my university as well rounded as some of my peers and when I looked to change direction it was more challenging than it would have been if I had broadened my knowledge early on.”

And given the stress and long hours tied to event planning, White recommends finding an outlet beyond the office and convention centers.

“This can be a big challenge early in your career, but I promise the work will still be there when you get back from the movies or that long run,” she advises.

For all eight tips, check out White’s full post on Event Manager Blog.

Design Perspective of the Day


For the most valuable players of any newsroom right down to members of a massive group, it’s been a tumultuous ride for photojournalists. But as Frederic Filloux highlights in today’s Monday Note, we’re entering the “New Age of Visual Storytelling,” which could signal a boon for photo-centric creatives and a shift in the content that audiences find most appealing.

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