Data Point: Time for TikTok?

By / Apr 20, 2020 (Anatoliy/iStock Unreleased)

The fastest-growing social media platform in the world isn’t Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, or Twitter.

It’s TikTok, a short-form video-sharing app that has more than 500 million active monthly users worldwide and is especially popular with Gen Z audiences. A recent study from Activate, Inc., says TikTok is experiencing higher engagement time with U.S. users than any other platform. That’s leaving many brands to wonder: Is it time for a TikTok strategy?

Average Monthly Time Spent on Social Media Platforms, Per U.S. User

TikTok: 10 hours

Facebook: 9 hours 28 minutes

Instagram: 4 hours 35 minutes

Snapchat: 4 hours 9 minutes

Twitter: 1 hour 4 minutes

Reddit: 1 hour 3 minutes

LinkedIn: 32 minutes

Source: Activate, Tech & Media Outlook 2019, October 2019

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