Daily Buzz: Why You Should Experiment With New Tech Now

Discounts and extra time actually make the pandemic era perfect for trying new tools. Also: Why you should keep using the chat feature during virtual presentations.

Perhaps you’ve felt a little shell-shocked by the pandemic’s impact on the economy and the broader world. Maybe you’re not thinking about making big changes due to the uncertainty floating about.

But this would be the wrong strategy, argues Entrepreneur contributor John Boitnott, who says that there’s more room for a bolder digital transformation now than ever. Part of the reason? Discounts abound, making experimental opportunities easier to swallow.

“Cost may have been a factor in your earlier decision to delay a digital transformation,” he writes. “However, many companies see the current health crisis as an opportunity to help out potential customers and simultaneously attract a wider audience for their digital solutions. Many companies are offering their digital tools, apps and platforms for free or at a vastly reduced price.”

Also a benefit, he notes? You likely have a lot of extra time to put things out there and kick the tires.

“Back when it was business as usual, you might have hesitated to implement new tools in case something went wrong or downtime diminished your customer experience,” he adds. “During the health crisis, however, you can grab this opportunity to test various digital tools and take the digital plunge.”

Use the Chat Feature in Your Virtual Meetings

You might not know what to do with the chat feature when hosting a virtual meeting. Will it distract participants, or will it help them make deeper connections and learn more about the subject? Stick with the chat feature and your members will begin to appreciate it, says Smooth the Path’s Amanda Kaiser.

“Virtual attendees are experiencing a chat learning curve,” she says. “Watching the presentation and simultaneously participating in the chat is a learned skill. Long-time attendees find that even a high-speed chat stream doesn’t overwhelm them anymore; if anything, it energizes them.”

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