100 Associations That Will Save the World

We’ve come a long way since ASAE was founded 100 years ago. The association community has helped advance healthcare, improve communities, foster diversity, and fuel businesses. This year has proven that we can’t always predict what problems may arise. You can be sure, though, that these 100 associations, and many others, are up to the challenge.

  • Business

    Association for Enterprise Opportunity

    AEO’s Tapestry Project, funded by a $1.15 million grant, fuels Black entrepreneurship and helps level an inequitable playing field for Black-owned businesses in five U.S. cities.

  • Civic Engagement

    National Association of Secretaries of State

    To combat false and misleading claims about elections, NASS’s #Trusted2020 campaign directs voters to state and local officials for reliable election information.

  • Community Resources

    State Bar of Nevada

    The state bar’s research team went into Nevada’s low-income communities to speak directly to citizens about barriers they face to accessing legal services.

  • Consumer Protection

    AOAC International

    Infant formula manufacturers turned to AOAC to standardize how ingredients in formula are analyzed, to ensure accurate labeling and safe nutrition for babies worldwide.

  • Coronavirus Response

    Infectious Diseases Society of America

    From testing to treatment to infection prevention, IDSA became a critical resource for medical professionals and the public health community from the earliest days of the pandemic.

  • Education

    Texas Association of School Boards

    Through research and a biennial summit, TASB illuminates how good school board governance improves students’ academic performance.

  • Equity

    American Association of University Women

    AAUW is training millions of women in salary negotiation in an effort to close the gender pay gap by the end of the decade.

  • Healthcare

    Missouri Hospice and Palliative Care Association

    With Medicaid funding for Missouri hospice facilities at risk, MHPCA headed off budget cuts by unearthing the data to prove that hospice care saves the state money.

  • Leadership Development

    Air Cadet League of Canada

    Canada’s youth have opportunities to learn leadership skills and win scholarships as Cadets, regardless of background or socioeconomic status.

  • Safety

    Sigma Nu Fraternity

    After failing to find the resources it needed, Sigma Nu partnered with a sorority to create tools to teach members how to step in to prevent a sexual assault before it happens.

  • Sustainability

    BOMA International

    BOMA’s Waste and Water Challenge, which promotes an EPA program to reduce waste and water usage in commercial buildings, collected data on more than 2,000 buildings in its first year.

  • Workforce

    Women in Trucking Association

    To attract more women to the trucking industry, Women in Trucking has pushed manufacturers to build safer, more comfortable cabs for women drivers.